Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Thursday, 10 September 2020

My learning Story

My learning story Healthy lifestyles 

My Learning Story

Hurumanu 6:  Healthy Lifestyles: Health & Statistics                                                   

Name: Joshua

Teacher: Mr Mitchell

Term 3 2020



Give at least three examples in each of the boxes below.

What We Did: 

  •  Banqer

  •  Barter Island

  • Statistical Inquiry 

  • Car Purchase challenge

  • Mean,Median and Mode

  • Needs vs Wants

  • Value for Money

  • Trading around the world

  • SuperMarket Challenge

What I Learned: 

  •  I learned how to put some graphs in google sheets because I did not know that we can put graphs in google sheets.

  •  I learned about Mean, Median and Mode and how to calculate what it means and how to solve the Mean, Median and Mode.

  • I learned how to make a good trade by playing Trading around the world game.

  • I learned how to manage finances in Banqer

My Favourite Part:

  • My favourite part was playing Trading around the world game. 

  •  I also like Banqer when we receive a lot of money to buy a car.

  • The Car Purchase challenge was also my favourite because we only have a limit of money to spend a car on and we have to get some insurance for the car.

My Next Steps:

  •  My next steps are to invest some money.

  •  My next steps is to learn more about statistical Inquiry. 

  • My next steps is to remember about Mean, Median and Mode

CARR Values: 

Make a statement below describing how you showed each of our CARR values during this Hurumanu.


I showed commitment by committing to the task that was given and completing it. 


I showed Achievement by finishing the maths task in time.


I showed resilience by not giving up when I don’t understand some of it.


I showed respect when the teacher is talking.

Any other comments

Monday, 7 September 2020

Events that shaped New Zealand


In Hurumanu 1 we learned about things that happened in New Zealand and made New Zealand a better place. What I did was put it in a google drawing and put it all together here is the DLO that I have made about the events that shape New Zealand.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

2011 Earthquake


In Hurumanu 1 we are learning about the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. What we did was a watch an hour clip to learn about the 2011 earthquake we watch it to get some ideas of what happened and what the places in Christchurch looks like before the earthquake happened. Then we have to summarise the clip that we had watch here is the summary that I have done.

In the 2011 Christchurch earthquake a lot of people died especially in the city of Christchurch lots of buildings were destroyed and families broken. Homes of people were also destroyed by a big flood of liquefaction,homes were full of mud and they couldn't use these anymore so they had to move out of their house. Some people used their garage to sleep in because their house was broken and some people used tents and slept outside their homes, outside in the middle of the cold night. A lot of people also survived the earthquake but they were injured and bleeding, a lot people were also terrified. The people with businesses helped people and gave food around the neighbour hood.

People who helped in the earthquake were the Firefighters, Taiwanese rescuers, Student Army, Japanese search and rescue, Navy and the NZ Military they all helped together to rescue the people that are in needs. They also helped to rebuild the city of Christchurch. There was also a problem because some of the Hospital were broken because of the earthquake. The rest home place also helped a lot of people.

2011 Christchurch earthquake - Wikipedia

Christchurch quake: Eyewitness accounts |

Monday, 31 August 2020

Making A Mars Rover


In Hurumanu 3 science we tried making a Mars Rover using pastas and Round mints. So what we had to do first was to plan what would the mars rover would look like before we actually make it we draw it on a piece of paper and draw some ideas for the rover. After a few minutes we started making the rover then we put the parts together with my group. We used glues to put the parts together and stick it the challenge to us was to make the wheels move it took us a lot of time to think of how the wheels is going to move. The last part that we had done was do the challenge was trying the car and putting it on the 1m down ramp it didn't work quite right because the wheels broke here is some of the photos that was taken during the making of the rover.


Wednesday, 26 August 2020



In Hurumanu 1 we searched about the 2011 Earthquake that happened in Christchurch. What we have to do is pick some places in Christchurch and research about the earthquake and what is looked like before and what it looks like after. We did this activity in a site called Book Creator we have to choose 3 places that we wanted to research about here is what I have done.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Making a Compass


In Hurumanu 3 we made our own compass using water and an ice cream container, a small leaf and a tiny pin. We use those things to make a compass so we started of with stroking the tiny pin on the side of the magnet to about 3 minutes and it would be sticking on the magnet. After that we have to put a water on our ice cream container about 2 cm high from the container then put the small leaf at the top of the water and let it float on top. Then put the pin at the top of the leaf and wait for it to stop moving and you find which way is North that is how we made a compass using simple things here is a photo of the experiment.