Wednesday, 19 February 2020

How to make a paper hat

In hurumanu 3 we have to wright a set of instructions that other people will follow to make a paper hat. So we have wrote our instructions in a google docs here is the set of instructions.

  1. Fold your A4 paper horizontally in half
  2. Same piece fold piece of paper in half portrait
  3. Then unfold the piece of paper that you have fold the second time  
  4. And grab the top right corner then fold it
  5. Then do the same at the left side
  6. Then you should be able to fold the bottom part

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Hurumanu Maths

In Hurumanu maths we have learnt about Tally chart, Bar
graph. So In maths we have to find our partner to work with then we need to have a pen. The Tally chart were you put 4 lines then the fifth one is were you crossed it. After the teacher explained that we wen't at the side of the road to see how many cars in Black, White, Silver, Green and other colours so we have to do a Tally chart so what we have done is  one person saying what is the colour of the cars that are coming then he will say the colour of the Silver car and then we have to put one line in the tally chart in the silver column. After that we count all of the cars together and wrote it at the side of the paper like in the silver column there is a 30 cars that are silver the n we have wrote down 30. Then on the next column we have to count all of the white cars. Then we will add all the cars together and it will add up to 100 maybe or not.

Bar graph so we also use Bar graph to make it easier in Bar graph we have to find what cars has the highest number then if it is 30 we have to count in fives so it will be like 5, 10, 15, 20. and then we have to draw the bars in like white that passed by where 20 then we have to draw the bar at the exact same height as the number 20
then it will be much easier to find what is the most highest number of the colour of the car. The Bargraph has also the same size but not the same height.

I hope you like my blog post that I have made and I also hope that you learnt something.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020


So In Hurumanu 1 we have watched a video about the early Polynesian people. The Maori people arrived from Hawaiki. The clip that we watched tells us that the early Polynesian people used waka/ boat to travel from Island to Island so they travelled from the Phillipines, Taiwan and lots of other Islands that are close by. In the video they say that some of the Maori even travelled to America.

So the early Maori people that came to NZ in waka, they brought their pets like their dogs and rats. So in the early days people ate Moa so the Moa is became extinct very quickly because they only laid eggs once or twice a year and also the rats and dogs ate their eggs, so they got extinct very quickly. People also used Moa feathers to warm their body because they were cold.

The Moriori are the same kind as the Moari people because they found evidence that prove's that they were the same kind. The evidence that they have found is the Language, the DNA and the Skeleton. That is how they knew that they were that same kind. The Moriori in the early days are from the Chatham Islands. They were Pacifists and they banned cannabalism (eating people).

If you did not know what this words means, so the Whanau means family members, the hapu means a tribe like a village. The Rangitara is like the leader so they are like the king or lords and they make important decisions.

I hope you like my blog post and also learnt something about this blog post.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Last Blog Post

This blog post is our last post this year so we are writing about what we have like doing this year and what we have done. So I really like going on a trip like going to Jellie Park so that trip was our last trip also. I like that trip because we went swimming outside and we got to go on the hydro slide. I also like being with my friends playing with them and it was really fun because we did lots of things.

The second thing that I like about what we have done this year is going to the Orana park because I have never been there before. So it was my first time and I saw some different animals that I have never seen before. We can also take photos of the animal and we got to go and feed the giraffes it was really fun.

What was new to me this year was being with a new class and new friends and be with my old friends again this year. Also meeting my friend friends and getting to know them this year I also made some new friends that did not know before. So that is what I like about this year at school.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Christmas DLO

In CIP we had to research Christmas in different countries and what do they do at Christmas. So I have picked the Philippines, Japan and New Zealand. So I have made my DLO in a Google slide show here is the DLO that I have made.

Monday, 2 December 2019


This blog post is about making our own pepeha so here is my own pepeha. So it has English and a moari language so we can understand it here it is.

SLJ Teaser Week

This blog post is a SLJ Teaser Week so we have to pick some famous people and we have to make a DLO about them we use different kind of website to make a really good DLO. So I have made my one in a google drawing here is the google drawing here it is.